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Micro Braids are a style of hair braiding more suited to short hair. Micro Braids are low maintenance and encourage hair growth.
Kinky Twists are a fun, two-stranded hairstyle in which the hair is woven into perfect spirals.
Box Braids are ancient art, handed down from generation to generation in Africa. The origins of the art form can be traced back to Egypt.
Senegalese braiding is a gorgeous technique. It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural or relaxed; it looks fabulous on both!
Welcome to Nubian Princess African Braiding “Embrace beautiful hair. Be as radiant as the sun.” We love to give you the best of the best and also make you feel special. Our braids are done with the clients interest at heart. At Nubian Princess our goal is to give you the best braids with competitive pricing.
Mens Cornrows are the trend for the new business man, athlete, and luxury man. Try the new 2015 cornrows for men at Nubian Princess African Hair Braiding. When done by a skilled professional, cornrows generally last between 2 and 4 weeks.

Cornrows are a traditional style of hair braiding originated from West Africa. To achieve this beautiful look, the hair is braided tightly to the scalp in a continuous, raised pattern. Cornrows can be produced using various techniques which result in a multitude of designs including straight, geometric, or curved styles.
Jumbo braid, Yaki pony, Synthetic hair

Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority at Nubian Princess. How to achieve our twin objectives is not a problem because we certainly love to handle our clients’ hair with care. We pride ourselves in giving our customers beautiful hairstyles.
Our hair-braiding salon has artistic and experience master braiders. Every braider has their own specialty and they deliver a masterpiece on your hair. If a hair braider is not skilled in a particular style he/she does not touch a clients hair. Our team is made up of braiders with special skills. Come to our salon and show us your hairstyle and we'll handle you professionally.
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